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Data protection has become a strategic issue throughout the world and in Latin America laws, regulations or regulations are also being promoted to join this initiative.

What regulations exist regarding data protection in Latin America?

It is important to highlight the creation of new regulations, such as the case of Brazil, where there is the General Law on Data Protection in Brazil that governs the rights and obligations related to the processing of personal data, as well as good practices, such law will enter effective August 2020.

Of course, in other Latin American countries, for several years now there have been regulations or laws of this type, such as in Mexico, the Mexican Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, is the basis of a system of Comprehensive privacy governing the processing of personal data, including its collection, use, transfer and storage.

In 2011, Peru enacted Law No. 29,733, the provisions of which seek broad protection and grant rights to data holders in the event that companies that process their personal data do not comply with their obligations. The protection of personal data in Chile is regulated by Law No. 19,628 since 1999. Its purpose is to establish general provisions on personal data processed by third parties.

And meanwhile, Colombia recognizes the need to incorporate relevant provisions into its current personal data protection laws, Law No. 1,581 and Law No. 1,266, to include references to contemporary technological innovations.

GRUPO PALACE RESORTS use case to comply with GDPR

Companies have a lot of information and personal data of citizens. However, the use of this information must be compatible with the right to data protection and privacy, as Grupo Palace Resort did, in conjunction with our HOPEX GDPR solution, to manage the information, processes and the evidence as required by said regulation.

Currently, Moon Palace Resorts and the BGBG law firm use this tool to establish all the ongoing compliance activities required by GDPR, with the advice of the MEGA International team. They chose MEGA because the company’s GDPR solution provides a comprehensive environment and controls to manage processing activities subject to the provisions of this international regulation.

The impetus that is being given to ensure the processing of personal data is impacting all companies in any industry that handles personal data. It is a large-scale challenge for companies to comply with the new regulations, having an action plan to achieve this will be essential.

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