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System that automates the incoming and outgoing correspondence and invoices workflows, from the file to the proper management of these documents. Using a simple but powerful methodology, with features like email notification, storage Digital Archive, safe queries, reports, and more.

Correspondence is the gateway to important documents and official correspondence, invoices, Banking Document, Legal etc. The process followed by these documents varies depending on final management decisions and destination. For organizations it is vital that the processes be completed within a short time, safely, automatically and with record of traceability. When this is done automatically and digitally, it saves lots of time, costs and ensures that the response and management of these documents are performed efficiently and on time.

Mailroom solution is the stronger correspondence solution found on the market today. It easily integrates with Document Management Solutions and Outlook. In a short time it has been shown to add value immediately to the Colombian companies in its cycle of continuous improvement and process automation.

Any large, medium or small company benefits from its powerful features, reasonable costs and gives the first real step in the initiative of cero paper, optimizing time, improving service with suppliers and customers and contributes to the environment by saving paper and copies.