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HOPEX is the leading platform for EA (Business Architecture) and GRC (Government Risk and Compliance) that allows creating a digital visual representation of the organization connecting holistic perspectives of strategic objectives, business processes, people, technology, data and risks.

For the eleventh consecutive year, Gartner, Inc. has named MEGA International as Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools allowing companies to accelerate business transformation with a results-based approach.

It has more than 2,700 active and loyal customers in more than 40 countries and expands its coverage through commercial partners and distributors in countries such as Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, India, Morocco, Panama, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Turkey and others.

Under the HOPEX platform, Mega integrates an entire business system that has tools like:

Enterprise Architecture:

Capture and connect information, data, processes and technology and provide context to make better decisions and get a comprehensive vision of the impacts caused by the constant business changes of your organization.

Which includes three important products:

Business Architecture:

That helps to describe the capabilities of your organization and connect it with the goals you have. Create and communicate your business transformation roadmap.

IT architecture:

That helps to keep your company's architecture up to date with changing market strategies, emerging technologies and agile developments.


IT Portfolio Management:

With which you can optimize your IT budget to enable investments in growth and innovation and create a distinct competitive advantage with an IT Portfolio Management tool. Inventory your technology and application assets, monitor technology obsolescence, manage IT projects, and prioritize them based on strategic alignment.



Risk Management:

Remove silos with a collaborative integrated risk management tool that gives a 360-degree view of your business operations, along with your risks, to manage them with clarity and confidence.

Which includes two important products:

Integrated Risk Management:

That connects business operations to risks can move your company from using a check-the-box compliance approach to a risk-aware culture. .

Internal Audit:

With which the obstacles are removed and the organization is kept up-to-date with innovation and international standards.

Process Management:

Achieve operational excellence by analyzing, optimizing, and standardizing your organization's business processes with business process analysis.

Which includes an important product:

Business Process Analysis/Management:

That helps to illustrate the operations of your company and identify ways to optimize and transform. Using a BPA tool to improve your processes, increase the efficiency of your business, create superior customer experiences and design new business initiatives.

Data Governance

Get a full view to know where and how the data is used. Make sure your data is trustworthy and maintain integrity over it.
Which includes two important products:

Informational Architecture:

With which it organizes, structures and labels the content in a systematic and sustainable way. Govern your data and manage compliance rules to enable faster, smarter decisions. 

Privacy Management:

It helps evaluate and comply with global data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. Create regulatory documents and break silos between people, processes, and technology to prevent violations.

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