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So don crossfit vs bodybuilding physique female‘t start CrossFit before you know the whole, unbiased truth.
And just like any other form of exercise, CrossFit has its pros and cons.
Let’s take an objective look at what they get right and wrong.

Overcoming a physical challenge forms bonds between people.
That sense of camaraderie keeps them consistent and coming back for more.
This has its downsides and should be tailored towards individuals, but hard training is a breath of fresh air in an age where people act like sissies.

biceps curls

You often see CrossFitters with epic physiques, not because their programming is necessarily optimal, but because their sheer intensity has eclipsed any programming shortcomings.
The nature biker short workout set of short rest periods, predetermined WODS, and camaraderie pushes people to work hard.
People will keep slamming balls far past ideal body mechanics and will keep a bar in motion for minutes because that’s what’s prescribed by the coach.

Average Joes and Janes push themselves in CrossFit in a way they never have before.
That perfectly describes gymnastic rings, and there’s plenty at every CrossFit box.
While kipping pull-ups are questionable, being able to do strict momentum-less exercises on gymnastic rings will impose lots of mechanical tension on nearly every upper-body muscle, and it’ll teach you to stabilize your body.
CrossFit athletes can frequently train a variety of body parts for grueling amounts of time.

The volume they tolerate is mind-boggling, considering many CrossFit boxes are full of ordinary people.
After all, the WOD portion of each workout is essentially a long HIIT session.
Doing one-rep maxes on three lifts is cute, but elite CrossFitters can fight off an army of centaurs and then go a few rounds on the Assault Bike.
Just imagining two minutes on the Assault Bike gives me anxiety.

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Now, keep in mind that not all CrossFit boxes and coaches train people the is it better to eat before or after a workout same way, but here are a few things to watch out for.
While it’s great to have an elite level of work capacity, most people simply want to create a jaw-dropping physique.
Hammering your body with metabolic conditioning can have diminishing returns.

Proper and effective strength training involves long enough rest periods to maximize strength and muscle growth.
This isn’t to say you can’t build these qualities with CrossFit, but they’re hindered compared to someone who focuses on more traditional strength training where you’re not supersetting double-unders with thrusters.
This eats into your recovery capacity, so you can’t use as much volume or intensity even 4 weeks for everybody if you do strength-train outside of CrossFit.

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This contributes to the myth that things like biceps curls aren’t functional if you can instead do a compound exercise like a row.
Plus, you can do these while emphasizing the eccentric or negative portion of the rep, which is non-existent in many CrossFit exercises like box jumps and ball slams.
For example, you can’t train the rectus femoris to any meaningful degree without leg extensions.
You can’t train the long head of the triceps fully without a single-joint movement.

You also can’t train all divisions of the glutes without bridge and abduction work.
The best physiques also come from the bodybuilding world, where maximizing muscle growth means including isolation work like leg curls, hip abduction, lateral raises, and lots of biceps curls for the girls.
Single-joint exercises are a great way to get more training stimulus with minimal fatigue while managing injuries.

CrossFit boxes

If you’ve got a bad shoulder, doing more presses and handstand push-ups without isolation work is a recipe for tissue degradation.
However, they seem to wear a badge of honor for having minimal strength-training machines like traditional gyms.
You might hear some of these claims from CrossFit coaches.

Contrary to what machine-haters think, machines have been building athletic bodies for decades.
Many have excellent resistance curves and force angles.
They allow you to distribute tension-based stress across the muscles you’re targeting in ways free weights can’t.
They can’t angle and contour to various body structures.
Their design can be highly limiting for range of motion and anatomy as well.

That being said, CrossFit’s nature has an unfavorable cost-to-benefit ratio.
Bodybuilding styles of training can accomplish this at a fraction of the risk.
Bodybuilders who train very close to (or up to) failure experience only 0.24-1 injury per 1000 hours on average (2).

They’re focused on annihilating the workout or beating the person next to them.
Competition isn’t bad on occasion, but as a daily workout, it can do more harm than good.
Form is compromised, and you push far past your ideal limits to outperform others.

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There would be no more group competitions, ultra-high rep training, Olympic lifts, short rest periods, fast eccentrics, and mixing of strength training and cardio.
The unrelenting pressure to finish WODs at all costs would be gone too.
The novelty is there, and it does get people in shape.

Just consider the potential drawbacks before jumping in.
It’s supposed to train your glutes pilates spine stretch and hamstrings, but most people just wreck their low backs.
I proposed that most trainees do more than enough biceps curls and triceps press downs and don’t really need more of either of them.

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With this TUT method, you do 8-12 reps on the leg press followed by a static hold to failure. (Reps and holds are abbreviated for demonstration purposes.) Bodybuilding, Exercise Coaching, Legs, Tips.
Calvin Huynh is a strength coach and online trainer, working in Southern California.

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